The Lost Souls

Is it country blues, folk rock, or neo-traditional acoustic Americana? It’s hard to say – and anyway it wouldn’t be true. Certainly you will hear echoes of everything from blues to country, both traditional and homemade, but do we really have to put a label on it? Let’s just say it’s good, honest American music played by good, honest American men – and you just might just like it!

  • Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Greg Valde (pictured above right)

  • Lead Guitar/Harmonica: Brian "Looper" Lucas (pictured above left)

  • Drums/Booking: Dan Krill (

As a duo, they are "What's His Name and the Other Guy." As a trio, they go by "The Lost Souls." As a 5-piece, they prefer "Devil in the Outhouse." They've played at many high brow and low brow venues including (but not limited to):

  • Cafe Carpe (Fort Atkinson)

  • Summerfest

  • Milwaukee County Zoo

  • Delafield Historical Society,

  • Strawberry Festival (Cedarburg)

  • Linneman’s Pub (Riverwest)

  • North Branch Music Festival

  • Lapham Peak Summer Stage

  • Shank Hall (Milwaukee)